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PostSubject: OFFICIAL SITE RULES   Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:09 am

Here at ASOG, we want you to have a good time, but as with everything, there are rules. We hope you will follow these and have a great time here!

-No insulting comments, treat others with respect
-Lets try and keep this forum at a PG13 level
-Use proper grammar
-You can have no more than 1 account
-Dont revive topics that have been dead for while
-No double posts
-Do not embed more than 3 videos in one post.
-No useless posts; Eg.: One that has already been answered, repeating a statement, or a remake of a topic, thanking some one repeatedly, etc. Doing this will result in deleting those posts. And no one-word posts that do not have a meaning. That's basically spam.
-If making a request/help topic, please try to search for what you need first. If you don't find it, then make the help request in the Site Help forum.
-No one or two-word posting. That counts as spam.
-No, and I mean NO posting of anything illegal by state or federal laws. It will NOT be tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result in a instant perma ban.

Failure to comply with these rules can get you banned.

Warning structure:
Please note that we give out warnings before we ban. You receive 4 warnings maximum. You will be banned if you:

- Receive 4 warnings
- Receive 1 warning + an extremely serious warning
- Receive 2 warnings + a serious warning
- Receive 2 serious warnings

Read these and have a great time here!

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